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Pipeline Safety Information

Pipeline Safety Information For Schools

School Officials today are more diligent and proactive than ever at assessing potential risks, threats and hazards that may be in or around their schools, athletic fields and bus routes. But “out of sight” dangers, like underground pipelines, can often be overlooked and left out of emergency assessments and plans.


Although pipelines are considered the most safe and reliable mode of transporting energy products, pipeline emergencies can occur due to improper or unauthorized digging near a pipeline, mechanical failure, human error, corrosion or terrorism. The greatest concern during a pipeline emergency is the release of hazardous materials as well as the potential for fire and explosions that could result in injury, fatality, environmental harm or other loss. Schools are always identified as “high consequence areas”, with respect to pipeline safety.


Paramount USD has partnered with the Smalley Foundation to provide information and resources about pipeline safety and awareness. The Foundation works as a partner, not an adversary, with the industries involved in working for safety and education. Smalley is committed to empowering the general public through knowledge and, as a result, increasing safety and awareness.