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District Environmental Quality And Health Resources » Vector Information and Resources (Mosquitoes)

Vector Information and Resources (Mosquitoes)

Mosquito Information and Resources
Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District
The Paramount USD has partnered with the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District to provide training, inspections and education to the school district.



We are a California government and public health service agency formed under the authority of the CA State Health & Safety Code. Our mission is to reduce populations of public health vectors below nuisance levels, prevent human infection associated with mosquito-transmitted diseases, and prevent the loss of property values and commercial enterprise as the result of vector occurrence and activity.



What are the Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes in Los Angeles County?

The invasive Aedes species do not belong in our natural Southern California environment. They are brought in through trade and travel. Once introduced, they can thrive in our neighborhoods. Most infestations can occur in people own backyards and patios — areas where vector control cannot easily inspect. These species are a public health concern throughout the US.