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        In observance of Thanksgiving,  there will be no classes the week of November 19-23.             En observancia del dia de Acción de Gracias, no habrá clases la semana del 19-23 de noviembre.

Superintendent’s Message

November, 2018
Superintendent's Message
Dear Paramount Unified School District Families and Friends,
We are off to a fantastic start to this school year! It has been such a thrill to watch our District grow as we provide students with the tools they need to truly thrive.
Odyssey STEM Academy has exceeded my expectations in its first few months. The staff has been intentional in its use of project-based curriculum that is teaching our children how to solve real-world problems. It is inspiring to visit classrooms and watch students engaged in challenging, hands-on learning.
We recently held our second annual K-12 College Fair, which inspired young people to pursue paths to collegiate success. Our students and parents left the event empowered by the information they received and are prepared to take the next steps toward higher education.
I am also pleased to announce that our Adult School is launching a Cosmetology Program that will serve as a partnership with Compton College. The program will allow students to receive college credit toward Compton’s program. It is these kinds of real-world programs that prepare our students to achieve great things long after they leave the District.
Additionally, the District has embarked in a yearlong indoor testing process to assure the best indoor air quality in our classrooms. Three waves of indoor air testing have been completed, with the latest round of testing done in partnership with the LA County Department of Public Health. The results of Hexavalent Chromium (Cr 6) from the first two waves of testing conducted at various schools are as follows:
• No airborne Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) was detected inside any of the classrooms during the days of sampling. The reports state:
• Based on the data collected to date, observations and measurements, in terms of potential exposure to Cr(6), the classrooms are safe to occupy and for continuous use with the air handler in operation during all periods of occupancy.
• We invite you to visit our air quality website at:
• We are very pleased with the results and will continue to monitor the air quality in Paramount Unified School District classrooms.
As the year continues, let us continue to build upon all the hard work of our parents, students and staff. Together, we can keep lifting Paramount Unified to new heights.
Dr. Ruth Pérez

Mensaje de la Superintendente:
Estimadas Familias y Amigos del Distrito Escolar Unificado Paramount,
Recientemente celebramos nuestra segunda Feria Anual de Colegio K-12, que inspiró a los jóvenes a buscar caminos para el éxito universitario. Nuestros estudiantes y padres se retiraron del evento con la información que recibieron y preparados para dar los siguientes pasos hacia la educación superior.
También me complace anunciar que nuestra Escuela de Adultos está lanzando un Programa de Cosmetología que estará en asociación con Compton College. El programa les permitirá a los estudiantes recibir créditos de colegio para el programa de Compton. Son estos tipos de programas del mundo real los que preparan a nuestros estudiantes para lograr grandes cosas mucho después de que abandonan el Distrito.
Además, el Distrito se ha embarcado en un proceso de pruebas interiores de un año de duración para garantizar la mejor calidad del aire interior en nuestros salones de clases.
Se han completado tres oleadas de pruebas de aire interior, con la última ronda de pruebas que se realizó en colaboración con el Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Los Ángeles. Los resultados del Cromo Hexavalente (Cr6) de las primeras dos oleadas de pruebas realizadas en varias escuelas son los siguientes:
• No se detectó Cromo Hexavalente (Cr6) en el aire dentro de ninguna de los salones de clase durante los días de muestreo. El Reporte dice:
• Basado en los datos recopilados hasta la fecha, observaciones y mediciones, en términos de exposición potencial a Cr(6), los salones de clase están seguros de ocupar y para el uso continuo con el controlador de aire en funcionamiento durante todos los períodos de ocupación.
• Te invitamos a visitar nuestra página web de calidad del aire en:
• Estamos muy satisfechos con los resultados y continuaremos monitoreando la calidad del aire en los salones de clases del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Paramount.
A medida que avanza el año, sigamos creando sobre todo el arduo trabajo de nuestros padres, estudiantes y personal escolar. Juntos, podemos seguir elevando al Distrito Unificado de Paramount a nuevas alturas.
Dr. Ruth Pérez


Strategic Planning

Paramount Unified School District's Strategic Plan was developed collaboratively by a team of over 40 stakeholders representing students, teachers and staff, parents, community members, and both site and district leadership.  Representatives from the City of Paramount as well as local businesses and area colleges and universities also participated.
The Strategic Plan addresses four key Focus Areas:
- College and Career Ready Graduates
- High Quality Teaching and Learning
- Positive School Climate and Environments Conducive to Learning
- Parent and Community Partnerships
The Strategic Plan is meant to build upon the great work that has taken place on behalf of the students in the Paramount Unified School District and raise achievement to new heights!
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High School Promise

In the spring of 2016, the Paramount Unified School District launched an ambitious undertaking: to reimagine high school. The High School Promise Initiative sparked a district-wide renewed commitment to more equitably prepare students for the demands and opportunities of college, career, and life in the 21st century. In concert with the district’s ambitious Strategic Plan, the High School Promise Initiative has been the catalyst for creating new opportunities for raising student achievement to new heights, including the launch of a  new small high school.
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As the result of how schools in California are funded, all districts must write a Local Control and Accountability (LCAP) Plan. The purpose of this plan is to outline how the district will use Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funds to meet the needs of students. Plans must align with eight state priorities and be updated annually. Each year the LCAP Committee meets to review the purpose of the plan, analyze academic data, district and school needs and discuss how to address future needs. The Committee includes teachers, administrators, classified staff, parents, high school students, and a member of the Board of Education.  PUSD’s Plan, which includes services and activities for 2017-2020,  was approved by the Los Angeles County of Education in August, 2017.
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