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Safety and Security - Emergency Preparedness Resources

Schools practice safety procedures throughout the school year, including Earthquake, Lockout and Lockdown drills, and are trained annually in how to respond in emergency situations. The Paramount Unified School District prides itself on its attention to the importance of student and staff safety. The District is a member of the ASCIP JPA for property and liability and workers’ compensation. Both JPA’s provide an abundance of resources, expert consultants, and training tools to the District. The District conducts regular assessments of its physical safety and security measures and recommendations from our partners and staff are regularly implemented. The District has also invested in staff, resources, training, and programs related to mental health awareness, student wellness, anti-bullying, and disaster preparedness. The following information provides references to the District’s emergency planning, training, drills, physical and cyber security measures. The information includes descriptions of the District’s measures and programs to support the safety of its students and staff.
  • All PUSD schools have Comprehensive Safe School Plans that address all types of threats including weather emergencies, utility outages, fire, earthquakes, active shooters, etc. The CSSP’s are referenced as living documents and used during emergency drills and evacuations. All plans are updated annually in cooperation with each School Site Council, District administrators, employee representatives. The CSSP’s are also reviewed by law enforcement prior to Board approval
  • All Student Handbooks include information on student safety, school rules, and regulations for students, and information for parents on school resources.
  • Each school has emergency equipment and supplies, and all schools have containers with emergency materials, supplies and equipment.