Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is comprised of Accounts Payable, Payroll, Budgeting and Accounting.
The department assists the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services in keeping the district under financial control by doing the following:
  • Maintaining and improving the system of internal controls to protect employees as well as ensure the integrity of the district's financial information.
  • Training district personnel on district policies and procedures.
  • Providing accurate financial information for internal decision making regarding current as well as potential future operations.
  • Attendance accounting which consists of reporting P-1, P-2, and annual attendance which generates 87% of our district's revenue.
  • Generating the district's official financial statements that present the district's audited financial position, cash flows and required supplementary information to a wide range of different groups who need financial information for their own purposes including:
    1. Determining the district's compliance with laws, regulations, and accounting standards;
    2. Measuring the financial health of the district in determining its credit worthiness; and
    3. Determining the district's suitability as a grant recipient.
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable issues approximately 500 warrants and processes 1,300 invoices a month.
Accounts Receivable
The Payroll Team pays approximately 2240 employees and expends approximately $15 million dollars each month in wages and benefits.
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Direct Deposit
Payroll Notices
Common Payroll Forms
A form the employee completes so an employer can withhold an appropriate amount of Federal and State income tax from each paycheck.
This certificate is for California Personal Income Tax (PIT) withholding purposes only. The DE 4 is used to compute the amount of taxes to be withheld from your wages, by your employer, to accurately reflect your state tax withholding obligation. 
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