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Teacher Induction Program » General Information

General Information

Requirements for Admission
Teachers holding a Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist Preliminary Credential and a teaching contract in the District are eligible to participate in the Teacher Induction Program.  As eligible teachers complete their new hire paperwork, the Credentials Analyst completes a Referral to Program form.  This form is the official application to the Teacher Induction Program.
*All personnel decisions regarding the admission, retention or program completion and decisions regarding employment, retention or promotion are made without consideration of differences due to gender or other constitutionality or legal prohibited considerations.
Support and Assistance
Each participating teacher is assigned a support provider within the first 30 days of enrollment in the program.  The following criteria is used to match participating teachers with support providers:
     1. Credentials Held
     2. Grade Level/Subject Area
     3. School Site
Participating teachers receive an average of not less than one hour per week of individualized support that can be direct or coordinated support by the assigned support provider.  A collaborative log will be used to document the support received by the participating teacher.
Program Components
The following components comprise the induction experience for all participating teachers:
     1. Weekly individualized support provided by an assigned mentor
     2. Individual Learning Plan
     3. Professional Development Reflection Log
     4. Cycle of Inquiry
     5. Monthly Talking Points
Development of an Individual Learning Plan
Goals for each participating teacher are developed within the context of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) within the first 60 days of the teacher's enrollment in the program.  The ILP is a foundational document that identifies the participating teacher's growth goals based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.  Participating teachers reflect on the progress made towards each professional goal and have the opportunity to revise the goal throughout the year.  The program monitors the development of the ILPs through the review of collaborative logs and the submission of the ILPs in the online teacher project folders within the first 60 days of enrollment.
*The ILP is designed and implemented solely for the professional growth and development of the participating teacher and not for evaluation for employment purposes.  Support providers and site administrators are made aware of the  confidential nature of the Teacher Induction Program.
Credential Recommendation Process
Once a participating teacher completes Year 2 or an Early Completion Option program, he/she will participate in the following:
  • The primary responsibility of collecting evidence of professional growth and development lies with the participating teacher with the guidance and assistance of the support provider.
  • The Teacher Support Curriculum Specialist along with the support provider reviews candidate competency benchmarks and provides feedback towards program completion.  This occurs during Year 1 and Year 2 of the program.
  • All Year 2 and Early Completion Option teachers will participate in the Colloquium and exit interview, sharing evidence of professional growth with a panel of support providers.  The Request for a Clear Credential form will be submitted to the Teacher Induction Program at this time.
  • At the completion of all Induction requirements, the Request for a Clear Credential form is signed and forwarded to the Credentials Analyst in Human Resources.
  • A Verification of Completion Form (41-Induction) is completed and the Credentials Analyst meets with the participating teacher to complete the online application to submit to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
  • The Commission on Teacher Credentialing contacts the participating teacher with verification and payment information.
Early Completion Option Guidelines and Criteria
Senate Bill 57 was designed to allow eligible individuals to complete the Induction program at a faster pace than the full two years generally required to complete all requirements.  Early Completion Option (ECO) participants have the opportunity to complete the Induction program in one year.  This option is available to exceptional candidates who meet the eligibility criteria listed below and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies required of all participating teachers who complete the full-length program.  All candidates are notified of the ECO option at the time of enrollment in the program.
ECO is equally rigorous as the full-length program, although shorter in length.  ECO participants will follow the Year 2 track, but show competency in all California Standards for the Teaching Profession.
To be eligible for early completion, participating teachers must:
  • Hold a Preliminary Multiple, Single Subject or Education Specialist Credential or a Clear Credential in another teacher area and be employed in a California school
  • Provide evidence of three or more years of successful full-time teaching experience as the teacher of record in a Transitional Kindergarten - Grade 12 teaching assignment (EXPERIENCED)
  • Provide evidence of exceptional practice during prior teaching experience (EXCEPTIONAL)
Application Process
  • All participating teachers will be informed of the ECO criteria at the time of enrollment
  • Candidates who are eligible for the ECO will complete the application and submit it to the Teacher Support Curriculum Specialist by the specified deadline
  • Program Leadership will review the ECO application and determine acceptance into the ECO program and inform the participating teacher and support provider of the ECO status
If a participating teacher is not successfully progressing on pace for early completion of the program or if the teacher fails to demonstrate skills and abilities on a level expected of and consistent with an early completion candidate, adjustments will be made as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Program Director.  ECO status is provisional and can be revoked at any time.
Completion of Early Completion Option
In order for the Induction program to verify completion for participating teachers enrolled in the ECO, the participating teacher must have demonstrated that they have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies required of all teacher candidates who complete the full-length program and that are required for the Clear Credential.  Only those teachers who have participated in and successfully completed all ECO program requirements will be recommended for a Clear Credential.
Written Appeal Process
Should a participating teacher disagree with the feedback/decisions of the Teacher Induction Program, the participating teacher has the option to appeal using the Written Appeal form.  The Written Appeal Process is as follows:
  • Teacher will contact their support provider to discuss concern and ask for clarification and feedback
  • Teacher will complete the Written Appeal form and submit it to the Teacher Support Curriculum Specialist
  • The Teacher Support Curriculum Specialist will review the Written Appeal form and gather evidence for the Leadership Team
  • The Written Appeal form and any accompanying evidence will be reviewed by the Leadership Team for a resolution
  • If a resolution is not reached, the Program Director will meet with the teacher for a final decision
Program Closure - Teach-out Plan
In the event that the program closes, each enrolled teacher will have the opportunity to complete the requirements for which he/she is enrolled.  The teacher will receive an individual transition plan/record of program participation, which indicates the teacher's progress in the program, as well as access to all his/her online documents.  The Teacher Induction Program will provide assistance in recommending open/existing induction programs that are nearby in order to minimize any disruption for the authorization.