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Elementary Music Education
K-5 School Support and Innovative Programs is proud to offer visual and performing arts instruction to all elementary students in our district. In addition to employing four full-time dedicated music teachers, PUSD collaborates with community art partners to provide a range of learning opportunities for our students. 

Music education is linked positively to increased academic performance and improved collaborative skills and self-esteem. PUSD elementary music instructors follow Kodaly and Orff methodologies to teach weekly lessons on music appreciation, history, and theory to all students in PUSD elementary grades. They also prepare students for bi-annual performances in the winter and spring, and some have even led after school musical theater programs at various sites. Students’ experiences in elementary music lay the foundation for future success in school and in the arts at the secondary level. 
Instrumental Music
Designated a “Bright Spot in Hispanic Education” by a joint White House and U.S. Department of Education initiative in 2015, Harmony Project provides extra-curricular programming that was developed using cutting-edge arts education research to maximize the positive, long-term effects of music engagement which include increased focus, academic success, and cognitive ability. Harmony Project understands that children who engage in music learn to think creatively and critically. Each student in the program receives an instrument, weekly lessons, opportunities to perform, and family support services. 
Visual Arts
Art Masters Legacy introduces students to a vibrant world of history and culture through a multi-dimensional art curriculum. Children are introduced to the revolutionary techniques of such masters as Mary Cassatt, Paul Gauguin, and Roy Lichtenstein. Taking their inspiration from these techniques, students are led by a teaching artist through a project in the same style or subject matter as the master they just studied. During the artistic process, children gain opportunities to simultaneously develop important skills such as self-discipline, communication, spatial and fine motor skills, and connecting valuable historical lessons through the context of art.
AMAN Dance Educators, who are former members of the world-renowned AMAN Folk Ensemble, present a unique program that teaches students dances from around the world. Students learn creative activities that survey the basic elements of dance and expand their understanding of their bodies in action as tools for communication. Students broaden their knowledge of geography, history and culture, and gain skills in cooperation, coordination, creativity, and rhythm. The curriculum includes dances from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.
Integrated Arts
Integrated Arts
Founded in 1991 with seed funding from musician and philanthropist, Herb Alpert, P.S. ARTS is dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity for children by providing a quality arts education. In PUSD, their teaching artists collaborate with classroom teachers to craft lessons that integrate theater arts into core subjects, such as math, English language arts, and social studies. Their strategies increase student engagement, promote higher academic success, and nurture creative and social-emotional growth. P.S. ARTS also hosts Family Art Nights to give families an opportunity to bond through creative activities and promote long-term arts program sustainability.
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