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Graduation rate- a clear sign of student’s hard work and support from teachers, families, and the community

For the fourth year in a row, California's graduation rates climbed as the dropout rate fell, particularly for students of color. More than eight out of ten students statewide or 80.2% who started high school in the year 2009 graduated with their class in the year 2013. That is up 1.3 percentage points from the year before. Graduation rates among African-American and Hispanic students climbed faster than the statewide average.  Among African-American students, 67.9% graduated with the class in the year 2013, up 1.9 percentage points from the year before. Among Hispanic students, 75.4% graduated with the class, up 1.7% percentage points from the year before. 

For the Paramount Unified School District, I am pleased to share that we increased our graduation rate from 78.3% to 80.1 and decreased dropout rates from 14.3% to 12.7%. 


I echo the same sentiment as our State Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson who said, “For the first time in our state history, more than 80% of our students are graduating, a clear sign of their hard work and the support they receive from their teachers, families, and communities”.

Herman M. Mendez

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