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Superintendent's Message

A New Year Ahead

August, 2016

As we prepare for the upcoming school year we are excited about the opportunities that Paramount Unified School District students will experience. At Paramount we wish to provide ALL of our students with unique educational opportunities that will broaden their thinking and open doors for them to explore and accomplish more for themselves and further their education.

The summer is spent in deep and concentrated preparation as teachers engage in learning and practicing teaching techniques that will help students develop their skills in the new California State Standards, specifically skills in communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. We want our students to excel in these skills as it will help them in their future no matter what college or career pathway they choose.

As we approach a new school year, we are all eager and excited to guide what’s next for Paramount Unified School District. We are working at developing a Strategic Plan that will direct our work as we develop and implement the programs and support our students need to be successful and for parents to assist their children. As we continue to work on this plan, I will share with the community the District’s goals and action plans created for the future of our District and students.

We look forward to your involvement and support to serve our well-deserving students.

Dr. Ruth Pérez


A New Beginning

July, 2016

This year the Paramount Unified School District graduated 1,036 students and sent them off to a new beginning in their lives. We wish to thank all of the parents, family members, teachers, administrators, community and friends that supported our students in order for them to experience such an accomplishment. Many of our students will begin their college education in the fall, others will start training for a promising career, others will join the workforce and some have joined the military. In every case, we wish our students enduring success and happiness. We also hope that they will want to return and serve their community in the future. We are very proud of the number of scholarships our students received including ones from local business groups such as Rotary, Paramount Education Partnership, PTA and the Women’s Club. “It takes a village to raise a child,” as someone once said, and it is obvious that the village surrounding our students is strong.

The involvement of our parents, family members and community is a strong indicator of the success our students experience. As Superintendent, I want to open the doors for you to become involved in your child’s school and in committees that represent parents at the district level. This year, please consider joining a school-level and, or district committee if you are not involved already. There is always room for more. If you have been involved, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support as a parent volunteer is another opportunity to explore. PTA, ELAC (English Language Learner Advisory Committee), the School Site Council, as well as DELAC (District English Language Learner Committee) are examples of structures we have in place where we need your participation.

On behalf of the Board of Education and me, we wish all of our PUSD students and families a safe and restful summer. I also hope you will encourage your child to read over the summer, visit the library, and make time for educational experiences available in and outside of the community.

Thank you, again, for all of your support of our efforts to educate your children this year.


Dr. Ruth Pérez

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