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Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are offered in English and Spanish one day a week in the evenings.  They follow the Parent Project model and include a variety of topics such as motivating children, improving school performance, dealing with adolescents, and many others. 

The Parent Project was created by parents and provides practical solutions and communication skills.  Parents learn from each other through an interactive format.  One of the teachers states that “the feedback from parents is extremely positive (and) some continue to maintain friendships after the class has concluded.”

Participants must complete 24 hours of class time to receive a certificate, and other attendance requirements may apply.

The parenting classes offered at Paramount Adult School

  • fulfill court-mandated requirements
are taught by Parent Project trained teachers


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What classes do you offer?
High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Exam Preparation, English as a Second Language, Career Technical Education, Citizenship Prep., Parenting

What time are the classes?
Morning, afternoon and evenings.

Where are you located?
14507 Paramount Blvd. Paramount, CA 90723

Do you have child care?
No, we do not offer child care

Do you charge for classes?
The registration fee for all classes is $50.  Some classes include an additional charge, but are priced very reasonably.  Please refer to the Schedules and Fees.

Do you offer the GED® test?
Yes, please refer to the official GED® website for registration information. GED® Website

Do you offer the GED test in Spanish?
Please refer to the official GED® website for testing information. GED® Website

How old do you have to be to enroll at your school?
You must be 18 yrs of age or older, except if you fit into the very specific legally allowed exceptions.  Call us for a full explanation of those exceptions.

Can I still get my HSD?
Yes, anyone interested is able to complete the High School Diploma program at our adult school.



SOM (Student of the Month)
Once a month, a student is selected from each class to be SOM.  Each teacher uses their own criteria to determine who this will be. The selected students are announced over the loudspeaker, they come to the office receive their certificate and have their picture taken. The student’s pictures are displayed in the hallway located in the B building.  In addition, we display their names on the marquee.

HSE Exam Completers and High School Diploma Recognition
Graduation - We have a yearly graduation for students who complete High School Diploma, HSE Exam Completers, and our Adult Transition program.

Star 6 /ESL Completion Certificates
Certificates are awarded to students who:

  1. (1) Complete at least 80% of all assignments
    (2) Have 80% attendance
    (3) Earn at least an A- average on all assignments

    Students who have met the criteria will be given a special certificate.

    End of Semester/Holiday Celebration
    All of our classes are invited to participate and prepare a song, dance, poem or any other talent that they may have.  All of the classrooms and office staff meet in the quad to participate in the festivities and enjoy the entertainment and good food. 



Testing Information

Pearson Vue Testing Center
Paramount Adult School is an authorized Pearson Vue Testing Center. We offer hundreds of tests that are administered Monday through Thursday in between our morning and evening classes and on Fridays all day. Please visit the Pearson Vue website for registration information.

GED® Test (General Education Development)
For information about the GED® Test, please refer to official GED® Website
Schedules and Fees

CAHSEE Test (California High School Exit Exam)
The CAHSEE exam is currently suspended.

TABE Test (Test for Adult Basic Education)
The TABE test is usually offered twice a month both morning and evening.  If you want to take the HSD and GED® classes, it is required that you take this test prior to registering.  You need to score an 80 or more to qualify for the HSD or GED classes.  You are exempt from TABE testing if you have passed the CAHSEE exam for Language Arts or were previous concurrent students registering immediately after checking out of H.S.
Schedules and Fees

CASAS Test (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System)
CASAS is the most widely used competency-based assessment system in the United States designed to assess the relevant real-world basic skills of adult learners. CASAS measures the basic skills and the English language and literacy skills needed to function effectively at work and in life. At PAS, the CASAS test is administered electronically and/or via paper and pencil on a monthly basis.

ESL Test (English as a Second Language)
This test is for students who already have some knowledge of English and is used to determine which level would be best for them.
Schedules and Fees


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Paramount Adult School is to provide a quality education which ensures that all students reach their goals.



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