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Business Services » Professional Services RFP/RFQ: Search Services

Professional Services RFP/RFQ: Search Services

RFP/RFQH Details:
Search firms are invited to provide information for Superintendent search services by providing a response to this RFQ/RFP and forwarding it to the address indicated in this document by the date and time prescribed.
The District will receive responses to this RFQ/RFP and, if deemed necessary, may conduct individual interviews in order to select firms, which in the opinion of the District, are best suited to perform search services for the District as described in the Scope of Services.
RFP/RFQ: Search Services:
Q&A and Additional Information:
1.Could you please explain the difference between the two (tentative) meetings?  - Thank you for your inquiry.  Our Board of Education selected a subcommittee of the Board to interview the applicant firms.  After the interview, some of the firms will be invited to present to the entire Board at a Board meeting.  The Board will then select the search firm after their review process.