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Technology » Procedure to Unblock Websites

Procedure to Unblock Websites

The procedures below outline steps to unblock websites

It is the District’s objective to provide teachers access to websites that can be used for instructional purposes while at the same time assuring, as much as possible, that students  do not have access to inappropriate online material.

Websites used by teachers must have a clear connection to the content students learn in the classroom. At times, the District’s filter may block access to a website needed to enhance students’ learning. In the event an instructional website is blocked by the District filter, the following procedure should be used to request that the website be unblocked.

  • Teachers send an email to Durrell Jackson, Technology Curriculum Specialist. The request must include the website address and the specific links or areas needed.
  • The Technology Curriculum Specialist will review the website. If it is appropriate for instruction, a request will be made to the Technology Department to unblock it. When the website is unblocked, the Technology Curriculum Specialist sends an email notification to the teacher. This communication should take place within 48 hours.
  • Depending on the complexity of the website, and how well the request outlines specifically what links or areas within the website are needed, follow up communications may be necessary. Some requests to unblock may not be possible due to websites referring to other websites that are indeed blocked for good reason.
  • Additionally, if the instructional purpose of the requested website is questionable, the Technology Curriculum Specialist will send it to the Director of Curriculum for a second review. If it is determined that the website should remain blocked, the teacher is sent an email outlining the reason.