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Paramount Unified School District’s mission is to ensure that its graduates will be prepared for success in both college and career by possessing the knowledge, skills, and certifications necessary to be successful in any post-secondary environment. In alignment with this, PUSD will offer an Expanded Learning Opportunities Program for students in TK-6 (priority) and grades 7 and 8 in collaboration with the City of Paramount and community-based organization, After School All Stars - Los Angeles. PUSD’s ELO Program, which will be offered free of charge to all eligible students, is designed to support the following purposes:
  • Exceptional academic support programs to serve diverse learners in their growth and achievement of grade-level standards and beyond
  • Enriching arts programs that offer students the opportunity to create, perform, present, produce, respond to, and connect with the different arts disciplines (dance, music, theater, visual arts, media arts)
  • Fitness and athletic programs focused on promoting healthy life choices and developing the physical skills to participate and excel in a variety of sports with an emphasis on fair play and good sportsmanship
  • STEM programs that will help students become creators and innovators who can think critically, collaborate, and communicate effectively to generate and advocate for solutions to real world problems
  • A caring and supportive environment where student leadership, voice, and choice are valued and nurtured